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Nowhere in Morocco does the Atlantic thrust as far inland as it does in Agadir. The rather open gulf thus created endows Agadir with one of the best climates visitors wish for. Temperatures range on average between 16 and 26 degrees Celsius throughout the entire year, with an average and not so variable sea water temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. Little wonder the iconic picture of Agadir is a gleeful walk by the ever sunny seashore. Agadir boasts also the largest market in Africa “Souq Alhad”, an endemic “shopping mall” hosting some six thousand shops and selling a myriad of items from argan oil and turtles to carpets and electronics. A healthy walk from the shore to the Souq is a good idea. Agadir is the seventh largest city in the country and by international standards it can be readily referred to as small. No matter where your hotel falls on the map, it is never a challenge to be on time for an activity on this or that side of town. Transport to and from Agadir is available and efficient. With its international airport, which in 2010 served approximately 1,627,485 passengers and the newly-built motorway extending to Tangier, Agadir is anything but isolated.
To know more about Agadir city, please visit http://www.visitagadir.com/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agadir

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